The best way for a Landlord to protect the condition of their rental property is by having an independent company prepare an inventory of their property and contents and have the tenants checked in and out against the report.

It only takes one set of tenants to damage a property or contents or leave the property with additional cleaning required for a Landlord to become financially adversely affected. At Eventory we recognize this and have made the inventory process more formal yet streamlined, efficient and easy to use.

When a tenant is asked to sign a document giving an 'independent' conditional description of the property and contents they are moving into it has been shown they are far more likely to take greater care during their stay.

A set of Eventory reports will put a Landlord in a much firmer stance legally should a dispute arise between Landlord and Tenant. We see our fees as well spent in order to protect such an investment and greatly lessen the chance of major expenses being incurred by the Landlord at the end of a tenancy.

In April 2007 new regulations governing the rental market known as the 'Tenancy Deposit Scheme' were introduced. This essentially means Landlords, whether renting privately or through an agent, will have to prove the contents, condition and cleanliness of their property by way of formal, accurate and legally enforceable inventory, agreed at the check in of a tenancy. If they do not have such paperwork then the tenant could be entitled to a swift and full return of their tenancy deposit no matter what condition they leave the property in.

Eventory's service is available to private landlords as well as rental agents.

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