So, you want to contact us in general or you would like to know how much we charge and learn more about our service?

Even though Eventory produce 'bespoke' highly detailed reports each and every time for each and every property, you should find our prices generally in line with other inventory firms who might provide hard to read, overly abbreviated reports, some even part written or firms who produce 'non bespoke' app technology template type reports which can struggle to include the finer written detail required or reports that depend too much on just photographs so in the event of a dispute can end up offering limited support to a Landlords claim.

To arrange a 'remote' or 'on site' demonstration of our unique service by one of our regional offices and to discuss our prices the best way to contact our head office is by email:

If you would like to write to us our postal address is:

Eventory Services Limited
269 Farnborough Road
GU14 7LX

Our head office voicemail number is: 07593 531170

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Dann
Managing Director