"Through the unique use of modern computer technology and the Internet, Eventory provides a fast, high quality inventory system, enabling our customers to work in a more efficient cost effective way."

The Eventory group was founded by owners with over 30 years "high-level" experience in the property industry and 7 years in the computer industry.

Having listened to Rental Agents and Landlords concerning the problems they faced with traditional but out dated inventory services in the increasingly busy residential rental market and by using their past agency experience, they created a unique, easy to use computer aided and web based system.

The Eventory system has dragged the inventory process willingly out of the 20th Century and placed it happily and firmly in the 21st.

Each area office of Eventory is individually owned and operated under strict licence to the main Eventory Group. This ensures the main operators in each area have a truely vested interest in ensuring all our customers recieve the same excellent standard of service.